10 Chicken Breeds Varieties – What Breeds of Chickens Should You Raise


Chicken Breeds varieties – Contrary to popular belief there are a variety of breeds to choose from when you decide to raise your own chickens. Though a hen may seem healthy their egg laying capacity may be low while other hens can produce eggs daily. Before deciding which you should raise you should ask yourself a few determining questions.

First you need to take into consideration the area you live. Do you have a large yard for the chickens to run? Is the pen large enough to accommodate the amount of chicks you get as some stay small while others can grow quite large? You also need to factor in the climate where you live. If you live by the equator it tends to be hotter and whether you live below it or above it, it tends to get cooler.

Now which chicken breeds varieties should you get?

There are cross breed chickens that can adapt to the temperature of their environment such as the “Production Red” breed. These can be tame and do not seem to be bothered by particularly cold temperatures. If it gets very cold where you live these may be the breed to invest in.

The “Bantam” chickens can be a bit more stubborn. They like to fly so a fenced in yard for them is pointless. A tough yet pretty bird best known for their fluffiness, though not good at laying eggs and when they do the eggs are rarely sellable.

The “Pekins” and the “Silkies” are the best choices for egg layers. They come in various shades of colors. If you were to cross breed a “Silkie” with a “Bantam” You will get one of the best breeds of chicks as they tend to be very laid back as reported by professional breeders. Purebred chickens are often extremely fragile and often choke on their own food or suffer heart attacks with no apparent cause.

If you are in the market for an inexpensive egg laying hen you should get the “leghorn” chicken. You will need to clip their wings if you don’t want them to fly. These chickens tend to look scrawny which is why they are avoided by some breeders who believe them to be too ugly and high strung.

If you are looking for a chicken breeds varieties with a sweet disposition the “Cochin Bantam” is a good choice as this breed is well mannered and pretty and do well in exhibitions. The “Barred Plymouth Rocks” are another of the top breeds.

The best of everything all rolled up into one. While they lay good eggs daily they are also a very pretty bird with a great temperament. “Americanas” are exceptionally beautiful due to its feathers. The color is similar to that of the Falcon, golden colored feathers.

Their beaks also resemble that of a Falcon as they too have a curved beak. A beautiful chicken that can withstand cold temperatures well but they are not good at all at egg laying.

No matter what a breed that is unusual will need more attention than the others. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when choosing the best chicken breeds varieties to raise in your particular neck of the woods.

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