7 Tips For Chicken Coop Designs


There are dozens of chicken coop designs available out there, and the design which you would ultimately choose will depend mainly on the specific needs that you have. When you have plans to buy a home for your birds, you should first consider the size of your backyard especially if you have plans to putting it up there. But if you have plans of making one yourself, then you would have to take various factors into consideration such as wind, sun, rain, pets and how they will affect your chickens.

Your chicken coop project does not mean that you would have to begin from the scratch. You can even remodel your existing coop, extend it, or even build onto an old and unused shed. Aside from that, you can search on the Internet, as you may get hundreds of ideas on good chicken coop designs.

When designing a home for your chickens, you should try out tips to make most out of your investment and efforts:

Chicken Coop Designs

Photo by Catalin Apostol on Unsplash

1. Some of the best chicken coop designs will allow for proper ventilation. Chicken coops with improper ventilation can spell disaster not only for your chickens, but for your entire project as well. If your coop is equipped with windows, you should see that they open or slide easily. This holds true for its doors as well.

2. A perfect chicken coop design is easy to clean and maintain on daily basis. You should look out for few things such as proper drainage, runoff and downward sloped floor. Aside from that, you must ensure that the main door of the coop opens inwards.

3. You should give proper attention to the lighting when designing your chicken coop. This can be in the form of electric or fluorescent bulbs. The biggest advantage of a good light source is that it can easily provide heat to your birds in the winters.

4. While making your chicken coop, you should use top quality materials and wood. The wire mesh that you use should be sufficiently thick, especially when you have plans to use it for building doors and windows. This will ensure the safety of your birds from predators.

5. If you want, you can get good inspiration from actual farm or poultry farm, so try to visit one that is nearby. By studying the way chickens are handled there will give you an insight on how to make best chicken coop. Inquire on the material used for building them.

6. You should ensure that you have sufficient backyard to accommodate your chickens as all of them may not fit in the chicken coop. You should surround your backyard with chicken wire at appropriate height to secure them during the day.

7. You should include some nesting boxes (about the size of a crate) in the dark and private area of the coop. It is best to have at least one nesting box for every four chickens. You should also put a roost just in the front of each of your nesting boxes. Chickens prefer to lay an egg before going to rest. Some of the best chicken coop designs will provide elaborate instructions on where you should place these nesting boxes in the coop.

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