3 factors Before Buying Chicken Coop Kits


In order to build your own chicken coop today does not require the need for any carpentry skills. This is because there are now complete chicken coop kits available that come with everything ready to assemble in a short space of time. Along with these kits containing the prefabricated coop made from good quality materials the tools to assemble are also provided.

When it comes to these kits you will find that in them is a house in which the chickens can perch at night or during the day if they wish. There will also be some nesting boxes that can be removed to be cleaned easily along with the roof that opens allowing you to collect the eggs the hens have laid very easily. Also in many cases the kits provide you with a secure are that you attach to the main coop that allows the chickens to wander around freely but safely.

The other features that these kits will come with and what you would have to purchase separately if you choose to build your own from scratch are food and water trays. So this helps to keep the cost of purchasing the additional items required down to a minimum.

But before construction of the chicken coop kit you have purchased can begin there are certain factors that will need to be taken into consideration. Below we take a look at just what some of these factors are.

Chicken Coop Kits

Garden Location
Photo by Sophie Mikat on Unsplash

1. Garden Location

You should select a location within your garden that will ensure plenty of natural sunlight can enter into it. Failure to provide ample amounts of natural sunlight will affect how many eggs the hens you keep in yours lay. But along with the light affecting the number of eggs laid if not enough is provided the quality of the eggs being produced is affected.

2. Size Of Garden

How big your coop is will be affected by the size of your garden and if the one you choose happens to take up over 50% of the space available in yours, then you may need to seek local authority planning permission to erect it. For those of you where space is limited then going for chicken coop kits that house only two to three small or medium size birds should be considered.

3. How Many Chickens Do You Want To Keep?

As there are so many different breeds of chickens that one can keep finding ones that you like can prove a challenge. But you need to make sure that you don’t house too many chickens in yours. Ideally for each chicken you keep you should be providing them with two square foot of space in the coop. This amount of space is ideal for small or medium sized chickens but for the larger breeds you need to provide between three and four square foot of space each.

It is only after taking into consideration the factors we mention above can you then decide which of the many chicken coop kits for sale today is going to be suitable for your needs. By selecting the right size coop for your chickens not only are you making sure that they are happy in their new home but are healthy and safe. Happy chickens are not only going to produce a great deal more eggs but the quality of them will also be much higher.

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